pcb  designCreating your own printed circuit boards is both challenging and educational. Designing your customized PCB for simple projects is also exciting. But before you start, you need to prepare for the things you need to do.

Start by researching what you need to make a layout of the circuit you want to create. The schematic design is important so take time to look for PCB design software or CAD packages that can help you make the perfect design. There are low-cost and even free programs available on the internet. When choosing, consider the following tips:

1.Capability – Look for software that is versatile and does not place limitations on the number of layers, size of the board, and number of components. Remember that there are programs that force you to pay for increased capacity, which is crucial for making versatile designs.

2.Ease and convenience – Find easy-to-use programs that will not make you confused with their complex process.

3.Portability – Choose the software program that allows you to export, convert, and enhance your designs anywhere.

4.Popularity – If many people are using the design program, then it’s likely that there’s already an abundance of ready-made libraries that you can access for reference.

After picking your chosen software, it is time to begin the process of designing the layout of your own printed circuit boards.

1.Draw your customized schematic diagram using the software tools. Schematic designs are important before making the board.

2.Prepare the board or the base then transfer the schematic diagram to it.

3.Do not hurry. Take time to draw your PCB. Remember that it is your own personal project so you need to make it as polished as possible.

4.Look for layouts that other people have done. Find out how they made them functional and at the same time, good to look at.

5.Keep on practicing and do not be discouraged when you make mistakes.

6.Do not expect too much with your first attempt to make your own design. Expect problems with your designs. Even professional designers face problems so enjoy the challenge when creating your own.

Here are some designing tips you can use when you are building a layout for your printed circuit boards:

1.Choose the size of your board. Make sure that the size does not exceed the capacity of the software you choose. Then choose the appropriate trace width. The ideal is the size of smallest traced width but thicker. Thin traces are easily damaged during soldering. Traces must be thicker in areas that will receive more current. It is necessary in order to avoid the trace to heat up.

2.Then using your schematic as your pattern, place the components in similar way. It makes troubleshooting the circuit easier if needed. To make simple connections, put the connectors on the side area. Keep your capacitors closer to partner pins. Keep in mind where to put the large components, especially if you need to box your project.

3.Add labels, values, and other information that will help you in soldering and troubleshooting. Add names and descriptions to each connectors or pins to understand their functions.

4.For two-layer board, it is best to build horizontal and vertical routes to avoid confusion. For complex kind of printed circuit board, you can design a ground plane to simplify your routing.

5.For RF circuit, use 45 degrees angles instead of 90 degrees on the PCB traces to avoid weird effects. It is also looks more professional.

Finally, print your designed printed circuit boards on a printed sheet of paper to check for possible problems. The paper version of the board helps you find mistakes with connectors or pins. Double-checking all details will prevent actual problems. It will also help you fit tall components or connectors in the box that you will use for packaging.

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The Different Pieces of golf Equipment That Aren’t Clubs or Balls

There are a lot of things out there that can be categorized as golf equipment. Sure, the argument can be made that people should only really familiarize themselves with the essentials. These essentials are the golf ball and the golf club.

To be honest, those two pieces of equipment really are the most important things that people should familiarize themselves with. No game of golf can be played without a golf ball or club. That said, there are still other pieces of equipment that people should learn about.

They may not be the essentials, but they are still important in playing the game. These things can largely affect how well a person plays a game of golf. Below are some of these useful pieces of golf equipment that aren’t golf clubs or balls that beginners should learn about.

Club head covers

Club head covers are simply what they’re called. They’re often made from leather. Well, there are those made from fabric, making them look like a giant sock. Some golf clubs come with their own club head covers while others don’t. People might undervalue the importance of this piece of equipment when they shouldn’t. These covers prolong the lifespan of a golfer’s clubs. Clubs nowadays can be extremely expensive. They really are a huge investment. Without a club head cover, golfers might find themselves replacing their golf clubs sooner than they want to.

The Tee

golf EquipmentThe next important piece of golf equipment is the tee. This is the tool that most people see golfers plant on the turf when they start on a particular hole. It helps to elevate the ball from a certain height, making it easier to hit the ball whilst avoiding the turf. The shot becomes easier because the ball rests on the tee’s head.

Tees are made from either wood or plastic. The rule is that golfers can only use the tee for their first stroke, otherwise known as the drive or tee shot. Tees are of varying length. Deciding on which to use depends largely on the club to be used and the golfer’s preference.

Stroke counters

These are simple enough to understand. There’s nothing really complicated about this piece of golf equipment. It’s what players use to keep track of their strokes. Some are simple, while some are complex and even digital. Golfers use them to keep track of their strokes in a particular round, hole or even both. They come in varying designs. No design offers any real distinct advantage and choosing one depends largely on a golfer’s preference.

Ball markers

When the golf ball lands, it will either bounce, roll or both. During certain situations, golfers will have to pick up their ball and remove them from the turf. There could be a variety of reasons for this. The ball could be picked up for cleaning or because it’s in the way of another ball. Whatever the case, the ball marker serves as a reminder of where the ball landed.

They are made out of different materials and are designed differently. There’s no real rule on what a person can use as a ball marker other than it should be distinguishable from every other marker that’s used.

Golf Bags

These are the pieces of equipment that people use to keep their other equipment. These bags can be huge and heavy. They tend to carry a lot of stuff and have enough room for other equipment like clubs, balls, gloves, and so much more. Like other golf equipment, golf bags come in different varieties – some have simple designs, while others feature fancy patterns.

Psychological Life Hacks That Can Be Implemented by Motivational Speakers (Part 2)

One of the thrills motivational speakers feel is meeting and mingling with new people. They must be always excited to see fresh faces in the crowd. This mindset should always be kept to heart, as new members of the audience will also feel the thrill of meeting new people they can draw inspiration from. Essentially, the aura of excitement must be present in those two parties.

Sometimes, fighting fire with fire is OK. If some people are getting angry at what the speaker says, the speaker should not stay calm. Those people will get even angrier, since they are basically ignored by the speaker. Have enough fury to sway over the angry people without disrupting the overall calm atmosphere of the auditorium or conference hall. After the program, the speaker can confront with those angry people and set everything straight before relations are strained.

Keynote speaker“People have a certain image of their selves and will fight tooth and nail to cling to it.” If that self-image is attacked by the speaker in the speech, the affected people will hate the speaker. The rules to prevent attacking the self-images of the audience should be simple: avoid ad hominem attacks, avoid bringing up matters that are too personal to some, and know societal taboos. The third clause is especially useful if the speaker is based on a certain area and will conduct a seminar on a place where the cultural and societal norms are different from the speaker’s.

To motivate a group of people, try to raise their adrenaline levels as the speaker. The audience would also love to have some good exercise and to stave off boredom, anyway. Some exercises can be done while sitting or standing, and the speaker can integrate them during intermissions. If the adrenaline levels are raised, the people will enjoy spending time with the speaker rather than the seminar he/she conducts.

On the part of the motivational speakers, one way to establish their confidence is for them to assume that when they walk into the auditorium or conference hall, everyone in the audience will like them. Some positive thinking is OK, but do not overdo it to the point of delusion – especially if the members of the audience are chronic gossip-mongers.

Stage fright is usually approached in a negative way. However, it can also be approached in a positive way. The usual symptoms – gasping for breath, a high heart rate, and others – can also indicate that the speaker suffering from stage fright is about to do something courageous. This is because of the adrenaline rush the speaker also feels whenever he/she is stressed or nervous.

Motivational speakers may employ a personal approach to inspiring people while still retaining their air of professionalism. Besides not tackling sensitive personal matters, they can also refer to members of the audience by name – which builds a sense of trust and friendship and establishes social links. Trust and friendship are essential when it comes to motivating people for changing for the better.

A simple smile can brighten everyone’s day. Even boring speeches can be tolerable if the speaker can at least move the few amount of facial muscles needed to smile. The smile can even bestow benefits on the speaker himself/herself.

Finally, motivational speakers can make people assume direct control of their lives by offering them choices. There are lots of choices and possibilities in life, and equipping the audience with the knowledge of those choices and possibilities will convince them that there are so many ways of going from point A to point B. Even people who feel they are about to surrender will be motivated to change for the better if they are presented with viable alternatives to living the good life. Ignorance may be bliss, but the lack of choices in life is equally or can even be more dangerous than this.

Making The Most of HCG Diet Drops – Weight Loss

There are currently lots of plans of action that you can subscribe to in order to lose weight. Getting a handle on the battle of the bulge may seem difficult at first glance, but it’s altogether possible if you look at balancing the right pieces into place. Most people assume that in order to get a handle on these things, you have to look into creating some sort of blueprint that is hard to follow. If you find that your path towards good health is riddled with difficulties, you are not going to end up with a proper solution overall. It’s just a difficult thing to manage without some help, and that’s why many people end up giving up on losing weight. If you’re going to chase this and really succeed, you need to look into hcg diet drops, and focus on how to make this work out well.

Exercise Helps

hcg diet dropsThere’s nothing wrong with a good deal of exercise. Focus on building this and you can burn a great deal of calories over time. However, make sure that when you look into this, you are not isolating one area of your body. Focus on at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, and then add light weight training to the mix. You want to make sure that the body is burning calories, and creating substantial changes to your overall lifestyle. When you do that, you will end up with a positive spin on things, and could end up with a good deal of results that are not going to appear one day and diminish another. Focus on exercise and balance that with hcg diet drops as well. When you work on both options, you will see a good push forward in the right direction.


As far as nutrition is concerned, make sure that you focus on eating well. Eat a great deal of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats to make sure that the body is not lacking in this arena. Alongside that you are going to want to take hcg diet drops to help with metabolic rate. Your metabolism can burn through fat at all times, and if you’re going to lose significant weight, you need to ensure that you have this firmly in place. When you are burning through fat calories, you will see a huge response to your overall quest of losing weight. This is a good thing, especially when it helps your natural metabolic rate move forward. Remember, the body already has an excretion of hcg, it just needs a boost from time to time, and can definitely give you leverage as you progress in your routines.


Aside from using hcg drops, look to see how you can supplement the vitamins and minerals that you may not be getting from food alone. Millions of people today are confused about this, but it’s an important aspect of good overall nutrition. If you compare what professional athletes do to get fit, and what you need to do, you’ll find that the parallels are in regards to making sure that you are balancing diet, fitness, and supplements to get the most out of your workouts and beyond. When you focus on all the right elements, you are going to end up with a good solution, and that’s a good thing.

The above options are going to help you make the most out of your weight loss endeavors. As long as you position yourself in the right balancing act, you are going to end up with a positive solution overall. Just remember, this all takes time, but will definitely work if you stick to it.

The Various Uses of Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers are most known for their use in the shipping industry. They are big enough to provide ample space for huge amount of goods and they are sturdy to protect these items from damages during the shipment. Nowadays, though, these portable storage containers have found other uses, which make them a staple sight in communities and business areas. Here are just some of the many things you can do with steel storage containers.

Storage Space

First and foremost, they are made for storage purposes. If you have old furniture, collections, or documents that cannot find a place inside of your small home, you can rent or buy a storage container instead, which you can place inside your property. These portable storage containers have locks so you need not worry about losing your belongings. They are sturdy and properly sealed too; therefore, rain or sun exposure cannot damage your items.

Aside from being useful at home, even businesses can use these movable cubicles to store their documents or equipment. For example, those businesses that only rent a small office space can buy a storage container for all their storage needs to keep their working space from becoming too cramped.

Additional Room to your House

portable storage containers Storage containers are also favorite alternatives for businesses that need additional office space, whether for permanent or temporary use. For example, there are companies that conduct business outside like construction companies. They usually put up a temporary work station for their engineers, architects and laborers on-site. For this, they can rent a storage container that can be equipped with all the amenities like AC units, kitchen area and meeting rooms. Once the project is done, that mini-office can be hauled off and returned to the owner.


Yes, you can turn that portable storage container into a garage too. These containers are made of sturdy steel material, so expect them to carry the weight of your vehicle. Since these containers also have doors that you can lock, you can be assured that your motorcycles or bicycles will be safe inside too.

When renting or buying a storage container, you need to consider several things. One is the space available in your property. It should be wide enough to accommodate the height, width, and length of the steel container. Second is your budget. Brand new containers will definitely be more expensive than used ones, so you may want to consider the latter when you are short in cash. Better yet, try renting a container instead, but do the math first before deciding.

If your need for the container is only temporary like just a few months, then renting is a good choice, otherwise, you should buy instead of paying rent for several years. Finally, consider local laws. Most states would need you to apply for a permit first before they allow you to place a large storage container on your property. You should abide by them to avoid bigger problems later on.

With all these many uses of portable steel containers, you might just find yourself renting one soon for your particular need. This is a very cost-effective solution and with some imagination, you can turn a steel box into something more pleasing to the eye and functional too.

Long Island Foreclosure Defense In A Nutshell

There are different kinds of lawyers each handling a variety of cases. A very common case that is regularly defended in court is foreclosure. A number of elements comprise a typical defense strategy but what is it all about really? When it comes to the concept of Long Island foreclosure defense this basically sums up all potential strategies that can be used to protect the rights of homeowners, the ones who are heavily distressed over the fact that their homes will be repossessed.

There was a time when foreclosure issues were limited but a case of subprime mortgage lending changed everything. Homeowners were set up to default on their monthly payments allowing financial institutions to gain control over the properties that the former worked extremely hard for. As the selling of subprime mortgages was deemed unethical not to mention fraudulent, homeowners fought back and various Long Island foreclosure defense strategies came into play.

YoungLawGroupThe array of defense strategies does not only focus on fighting claims from lending firms but also includes proper education on foreclosure for the homeowners. Different situations of foreclosure exist and there are particular tactics that can be applied to each one. It is important for lawyers to have the right plan of action for each distinct case. Some of the consideration factors that come into play include the onset of missed payments and by what degree, the level of equity involved if any, the homeowners’ current financial situation, and overall eligibility to own a home.

If homeowners simply need a bit of help with the payments, they can apply for a loan modification setup. This is a simple type of Long Island foreclosure defense that does not involve the courts. A lawyer is still needed though because formal contracts have to be signed after a petition is filed. In this case, credit terms may be extended or mortgage payments may be lowered.

Mortgage forbearance is another tactic worth considering. When it comes to this strategy, a lawyer files a petition with the lending institution to postpone any attempts at foreclosing a property. A payment extension may be granted in the process. This is an excellent defense to consider if a homeowner facing foreclosure is only being plagued by short-term financial hardship.

Aside from lowering the necessary payments, there is another option that a homeowner can take. This kind of Long Island foreclosure defense involves making a lump sum payment to cover all late fees and penalties that may have arisen from the delayed mortgage payments. This is called mortgage reinstatement. Basically, the mortgage will be reinstated after all penalty dues have been settled. In the meantime, foreclosure will indefinitely be postponed.

So far, these three strategies are ideal for homeowners who have access to limited funds. There is another strategy that can be considered but this one involves a declaration of bankruptcy. The federal courts have to be involved with this one as a formal bankruptcy petition has to be applied. Considering how this tactic does not lead to any regaining of income for the lending institutions, it is the most difficult strategy to emerge victorious from.

Defending a homeowner against foreclosure is not only about fighting to help someone maintain a home. There are times when defenses are used to give the struggling homeowner a bit of dignity. Records of mortgage default can have a negative impact on someone’s financial history and credit rating. Some homeowners who simply have no money for mortgage payments can choose to leave their homes without having to undergo a court case let alone have to pay for costly legal fees.